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“Maureen is truly an amazing acupuncturist and person. I went to her after being referred by a friend of mine. I have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and my husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 3 ½ years. We were about to bite the bullet and pay for in-vitro fertilization. I had gone to Maureen just to start preparing my body for the upcoming treatments. After seeing Maureen a few times, we went to our first appointment to get baseline bloodwork and ultrasound to get our IVF started, and to our shock, we were unable to start our treatment because I had ovulated on my own (something I didn’t normally do). We didn’t get our hopes up- but I continued to see Maureen for treatment during this time. We found out 3 weeks later that we had conceived naturally and would not need the in-vitro treatment. To say we were ecstatic was an understatement! I have no doubt that it was due to Maureen and her knowledge of Chinese medicine and exactly how to treat me that allowed us to get pregnant naturally. I continued to see Maureen throughout my entire pregnancy and on October 4th we welcomed to this world our beautiful daughter. I do not know what we would do without Maureen but I am so lucky to have met her and have had her with my every step of the way during my pregnancy.”

– S.K., Registered Vascular Technologist

“I saw Maureen for Acupuncture in desperation when I was 10 days past my due date with my first pregnancy. 
Maureen fit me in within hours notice on a Sunday. Within 12 hours my water broke and I went into labor. With my next two pregnancies I saw Maureen for Acupuncture 10 days before my due date. For both pregnancies I went into labor within days of my expected due date and had relatively easy, short, and successful deliveries. I attribute much of this success to Maureen’s Acupuncture treatments. After all three births Maureen helped me with postpartum, nursing, and infant questions and concerns. I cannot recommend Maureen’s Acupuncture treatments more for any expectant mother. Maureen’s knowledge, professionalism, and kindness are unparalleled.”
– E.C., Teacher

“Last year I was bit by a stray cat which resulted in a bad infection in my finger. The first few antibiotics were only partially effective so I eventually needed surgery to remove the infection in my bone. Throughout this 4 month ordeal, Maureen treated my body to keep me strong and addressed the various side effects of the medications. While monitoring my condition she offered many helpful suggestions that made all the difference in getting through a very scary time. Maureen gave me the emotional support that kept me balanced and focused. I couldn’t have gotten through this difficult time without her tender care. I highly recommend Maureen for her wisdom in acupuncture and her heartfelt compassion. She helped me heal on so many levels and supported me back to a normal health.”

– P.H., IT Consultant

“I have had shoulder and neck pain pretty much my entire adult life and would wake up with a stiff neck pretty often. Normally, I would get a deep tissue massage to try and get the knots out and this may or may not work as a short term solution. So I decided to try something different and went to Serenity for an acupuncture and cupping session. I can tell you that it has been life changing for me. I no longer have the pain and tension I learned to live with for so long that it became normal. I feel fantastic and would recommend a cupping session to ANYONE that will listen. Go see Maureen today, you will be so glad you did.”

– Kate Arneth Diaz

“I saw Maureen to help prepare me for labor. I feel the acupuncture and talking with her helped ease some of my anxiety and relaxed me enough to go into labor on my own. No induction, no medications! All natural labor and delivery. Just my body and my baby working together. Maureen has wisdom and expertise, and I have passed her card along to my doula and also a close friend who is expecting.” 

– E.C., Emergency Room Nurse, Firefighter, EMT

“I am over the moon with my Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture results! The results are hard to describe ~ it is me only with less lines, less puffiness. It is me with even color (how does it do that?!) and elasticity (hard to describe). It is me with softened lines on forehead between my eyes (I don’t look angry anymore!). Maureen is skilled, professional, and pampering. I cannot recommend her enough. If acupuncture and botox had a baby, it would be Mei Zen. You want this. Trust me.”

T-Ann Pierce, Life Coach, Lake Forest, IL 

“I love the atmosphere and staff. The minute you step into Serenity you begin healing and the Accupuncture treatments are wonderful. I walk in heavy and float out. What more can I say? I strongly believe that Accupuncture has changed my body and mind – Maureen is wonderful and I feel so relaxed after a treatment. We are blessed to have this in our community.”

L.S. – Buddhist Priest