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With open, non-judgmental, caring intention, Maureen serves patients of all ages.

From children to the elderly, she helps people find health, happiness and balance again.

Maureen is a Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Cosmetic Acupuncture specialist. She is also well-versed in general acupuncture for the whole family. Below is a partial list of conditions that she treats. To learn more about her specialties scroll down.

Sinus Problems


Pain of Multifactorial Origin




Mother Roasting


C-section Recovery & Postpartum

Surgical Recovery



Chronic Fatigue

Irritable Bowel Disease



Learn more about Cosmetic Acupuncture and Microneedling. 

Learn more about acupuncture for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 

Learn more about Chinese Herbal Medicine.



Maureen McLaughlin, LAc is well-versed in the use of cannabidiol ointment for pain and inflammation and she uses CBD Clinic, a non-prescription, therapeutic-grade ointment, infused with cannabis oil in her Clinic. With 1/3 of Americans in chronic pain and our nation in the throes of an opiod crisis, more and more we will see the medical use of THC’s non-psychoactive partner, cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is safe, natural, and leagl. It is FDA-approved. It has nerve-protecting and brain-enhancing properties, and will leave you pain-free for hours (if you respond to it as most do). She has developed a novel pain protocol involving the use of CBD ointment, acupuncture and heat lamp therapy. CBD Clinic is also available for purchase for at home use.


Cupping therapy originates from the ancient medicines of Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures. Maureen prefers the traditional glass “fire cupping” method to create the vacuum seal, where the cup is briefly heated with a lit cotton ball, then it is quickly withdrawn and the cup is placed on the skin.

The application of cups to the surface of the skin (typically the back, neck, or shoulders) creates suction thereby increasing blood flow to vessels and capillaries. This gives the tissues much needed nutrients and oxygen.

Cupping also dispels stagnant blood and lymph which in turn improves the flow of energy there. The sensation of the connective tissues lifting into the cup feels comfortably tight and relaxing. They stay on for anywhere between 15-45 minutes depending on the response. The cups might be moved around so they can glide over surfaces (glide cupping) or meridians. Cupping leaves marks, that are not bruises, that fade in less than a week (by and large).

Cupping is good for chronic or acute pain, cough and asthma, allergies, sedating nervous system, inflammation, spinal conditions, muscular disorders, detoxing, herpes zoster, and weight loss to mention a few. Rarely there are patients who should not be cupped; you will be screened for these conditions. 

Cupping leaves the patient feeling relaxed, in less pain and with better range of motion. You can have cupping with Maureen in conjunction with acupuncture or as a stand-alone treatment. 


Celluma is an FDA approved Light Emitting Diode (LED) therapy that employs blue, red, and near-infrared light.   In the simplest terms, The energy provided by Celluma is utilized by our cells to increase cellular metabolism. This results in the up-regulation of a variety of metabolic processes including increased blood flow/circulation, a decrease in inflammation, a decrease in pain and an increase in the cells that promote healing and tissue repair and regeneration. Maureen incorporates Celluma with acupuncture for acne, pain, facial rejuvenation, and fertility.  She also offers stand-alone Celluma sessions where you can come to the office and relax on the table with Celluma targeting the area in need of treatment.